This is a compilation of postings that I have made, over the years, to electronic discussion lists and wikis. The topics all have to do with adult literacy education, primarily in the U.S. They include adult literacy and:

  • Technology
  • Public Policy
  • Professional development
  • Workplace literacy and
  • Family literacy

I have been working in adult literacy education (this term includes English language learning, basic literacy adult basic education, adult secondary education and transition to college programs) as a teacher, program administrator, education professional developer, trainer,  curriculum developer, researcher and consultant since 1982. You will find my resume at http://www.newsomeassociates.com

One Response to “About”

  1. George Demetriion Says:

    Hi David.

    Nice site. I’m discovering much value in the Blog format, though like anything else, the persistence issue is key in sustaining durable resources. Since I like writing the blog format may provide a solid resource to convey my insights to others.

    I think there’s value here in taking messages from one format and placing them in another that may garner other readers or older readers to take another look. My strategy in doing that is to include some re-writing or introducing a piece so that I am adding value and at the same time reigniting my interest in the topic.

    My blog, The Comprehensive Adult Educator contains both new materials and materials that I have previously written., typically with some new amplifications http://thecomprehensiveadulteducator.blogspot.com/2010/04/welcome.html


    George demetrion

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