Teaching Literacy and Computer Skills Together

Steve May posted some questions to the National Institute for Literacy’s Technology discussion list on June 17, 2003 http://www.nifl.gov/nifl-technology/2003/0166.html

He wrote:
I am writing a grant proposal for a program that will
teach basic computer skills while teaching adult
literacy/life skills. I would like to include a
reference to some evidence that this method of
instruction is more effective than a “traditional”
one-on-one or classroom model.

My questions for the group: is this true? Is
instruction via technology more effective, or is that
a misconception? If it is true, where can I get my
hands on a study to read?

I provided Steve with the following:

Antonia (Toni) Stone’s pioneering work, Keystrokes to Literacy, available, for example, through Amazon.com

and Steve Quann and Diana Satin’s Learning Computers, Speaking English (For more information on this approach see http://www.gse.harvard.edu/~ncsall/fob/2000/quann.html

Their book is available at Amazon.com and will tell you how to effectively integrate learning about computers and basic literacy. However, as far as I know, no research has been done on this approach. If anyone knows of such research, please tell us about it.

Meanwhile, a good summary of adult literacy technology research, what little there is, will be found under Technology at: http://ncsall.gse.harvard.edu/subj_ind/technology.html

I especially recommend Jennifer Cromley’s article, Learning with Computers: The Theory Behind the Practice at: http://ncsall.gse.harvard.edu/fob/2000/cromley.html


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