Student-designed Web Sites

Irshat Yusupovich Madyarov asked in a post to the National Institute for Literacy Technology discussion list on December 4, 2003:
Has anyone included website design as a part of an ESL/EFL course?I’d appreciate if you could share your experience. Specifically, I’m interested in online services that offer free space for such student-centered website building projects.

I replied: For several years the Adult Literacy Resource Institute in Boston supported teacher staff development mini-grants which were used by some teachers in the Boston area to develop instructional/learning Websites. In some cases, the grants also included support for ABE and ESOL student website design work. Here are some examples:

• Virtual Visit to a Mill in Lowell, MA (Web page design by GED student)
• Homebuying Web pages in which ESOL students created some of the content
and/or designed the pages
• Queens Community College ESOL Class Queen Bee’s Web Page — students made their own pages.

I added this in a subsequent post:

There are teachers across the world whose students are involved in a
Web-based classroom virtual visit project hosted by Susan Gaer and me.
The classes have a multi-month exchange using Web pages and e-mail.
They introduce themselves, their schools and their communities and
have dialogs. Many are adult ESOL classes but some are ABE or GED,
and some are classes of school children so it can be
cross-generational. For more information, go to:

For more information on project-based learning and examples of adult
ESOL student projects using the Web, go to Susan Gaer’s Online Web Projects


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